Important Updates for Foxwell in February 2023

Foxwell has released important updates in February 2023. Upgrade your Foxwell Scanner to the latest version as soon as possible to enjoy the latest and most comprehensive functions.

1. Important Updates for Foxwell NT710NT650 Elite ⅡNT706NT716NT726NT809NT809BTNT809TSGT60 and GT60 Plus

Important Updates for Foxwell NT710, NT650 Elite Ⅱ, NT706, NT716, NT726, NT809, NT809BT, NT809TS, GT60 and GT60 Plus

2. Important Updates for Foxwell NT530Foxwell NT650 EliteNT680 ProNT680 and NT680 Lite

Important Updates for Foxwell NT530, Foxwell NT650 Elite, NT680 Pro, NT680 and NT680 Lite