About Us

Foxwell is a professional supplier of automotive diagnostic products, services and solutions in the aftermarket. We combine industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation to offer a broad portfolio including OBDII code readers, scanners and tablet diagnostic systems and other emerging tools for the benefits of our customers. Foxwell is one of the leading brands in diagnostic industrys. With 11 years development we have establised distributors over 80 countries and regions. 

We strive to innovate, change and lead the automotive diagnostic industry while always making sure that we are focused on delighting customers by meeting, and even exceeding, their needs and expectations.

As Official Store of Foxwell, FoxwellDiag.com provides 100% original products and lifetime free tech support.  We aim to offer you affrodable and high-quality Original Foxwell tools. We want to be your best friend in car diagnostic and repairing. We provide best service and best products to fullfill different customer's needs.

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