Foxwell NT726

All-System Diagnostic Scanner with 8 Hot Special Functions

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Benefits and Features OF FOXWELL NT726

Foxwell NT726 Features and Benefits:

- Advance Hardware: Android 9.0 operating system + 5" Touch Screen + WiFi Online Touch Update, brings huge convience of operation for car repair work.

- Full OBDII Functions+ Full System Diagnostics: You will not have to purchase a separate car code reader to perform different functions.

- 8 most-commonly used maintenance services: Comes with the most commonly used service reset functions.

- Auto VINAuto-VIN technology quickly and directly obtains the vehicle’s information, means you no need to input manually.

- Screen Display: Show the real-time battery voltage & vehicle model on the top of page

- Live Data Record & Playback: Merge 4 in 1 live data in graph + In Single & Multi-graph Type

- Diagnostic ReportSave, share, and print the overall inspection report for further diagnostic analysis.

- Online Feedback & Suggestions: Submit your issues in the diagnostic process and get Foxwell professional troubleshooting

FOXWELL NT726 SUPPORTS OBDII  special functions
  • Foxwell NT726 Supports Full OBDII Functions

Foxwell NT726 equipped with full 10 modes OBD2 functions: Retrieving I/M Readiness, Freeze Frame Data, Read Dynamic Data stream and Vehicle Information, O2 Sensor Test, EVAP Test of Fuel Tank System and Advanced On-board Monitoring. Foxwell NT726 OBD2 scanner can reveal what fault codes your car is producing, and erase your vehicle’s check engine light after problem fixed, the DTC help and explanation also tell you the exact problems.

  • Foxwell NT726 OBD2 Tool Supports All-System Diagnose

Compared with ordinary four-system scanners, Foxwell NT726 supports all system diagnostics for a full scan of the car's available control modules, such as Engine system, ABS system, Transmission system, SAS system, SRS system, ESP system, TPMS system, EPB system, Fuel system, Emission system, and other systems.

FOXWELL NT726 SUPPORTS 8 Maintenance Service Functions

  • Foxwell NT726 Equipped with 8 Hot Used Service Functions

NT726 Diagnostic scan tool equipped with 8 most popular maintenance service functions, including ABS Bleeding, Throttle Matching, Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration, EPB Reset, Injector Coding, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, TPMS Reset. Helps you diagnose and calibrate faults in your vehicles accurately and profitably when the warning light is on. It’s a must for mechanics and experienced enthusiasts to scan and maintain vehicles.


  • Fast And Responsive

Equipped with the enhanced Android 9.0 operating system, 4000mAh powerful battery and 32 GB internal storage, touchable diagnosis, it improved processing speed and allows customers to enjoy a fast and technological experience.

  • One-Click WiFi Update

Compared with the traditional complicated process of updating through a computer, it is faster and more convenient to perform a one-click update of your diagnostic software and APK directly on the car scanner Via WiFi. You can also update the software anytime and anywhere by connecting to mobile WiFi under a stable network. No training required, easy to get started.

  • [AutoVIN] + [Data Print] + [Online Feedback & Suggestion]

All the diagnostic results can be generated to a report. You can transfer the report you want via E-mail/ Bluetooth/ Printer. It also supports print diagnosis data. Meanwhile, you can use the "Feedback" function to get professional guidance from our technicians when encountering any problems during the operation.

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Specifications of NT726

|Kit Includes

Kit Includes of NT726


NT716 Series User's Manual V1.2.pdf

Customer Reviews

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Steve K.

Does what it was designed to do

Naruepon B.

Foxwell NT726 Is perfect scanning tool for everyone who wants to be able to diagnose or work on their car when issues arise. It helps save time and money without having to schedule for mechanic to scan and rely on them to tell you what the issue is. Really recommend for everyone

Leonard J.

The Foxwell 726 scan tool for the do it yourselfer or the full time mechanic is a very capable tool. I would recommend this tool. The price is affordable and the tool is capable, and easy to use.