Foxwell Adapter

for Audi / Fiat / Kia / Mazda / GM / Dawoo / Toyota / Honda / Nissan / PSA / Mitsubishi

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Size: Chrysler - 12+8 P

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Adapter for Audi / Fiat / Kia / Mazda / GM / Dawoo /Peugeot / Citroen / Toyota / Honda / Nissan / PSA / Mitsubishi.

You will need to purchase an adapter to help the Foxwell scanner work in your car in the following cases:

1. Most OBD1 vehicles after 1996.
2. Cars that have both OBD1 and OBD2 interfaces, usually made in 1996-2004. For this type of cars, Foxwell OBD2 scanner can only diagnose OBD system through OBD2 interface. If you need to diagnose other systems, you need to purchase an additional adapter to connect the car's OBD1 interface to diagnose other systems.
3. All Chrysler vehicles manufactured after 2018 need a 12+8 pin adapter.
4. Cars manufactured by Nissan after 2021.

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Customer Reviews

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Zachary A.


Ivan B.

I purchased this 20pin adapter to use on a 1998 540i and M3. Build quality is great. Fitment and function is as expected from a Foxwell Product. Unlike no-name adapters, this adapter can be used with the hood closed, which is awesome for data logging and live data monitoring.

Leon B.

This is perfect. I can now do so much more with the tool.

Kevin K.

The "Benz 38 pin adaptor" allowed me to access the the control units other than the ECU on my 1997 C280.
The OBD2 port under the dash only accesses the engine control unit. All other control units have to be accessed via the 38 pin port under the hood.
With the " Benz 38 pin adaptor" and my Foxwell NT510 Elite I was able to diagnose the ABS light as low pressure in the system caused by pump failure. The pump had failed due to a voltage drop caused by detreating wire insulation at the pump its self.
The Foxwell diagnostic tools cost me $225, less than 2 hours of shop time, I'm happy.
Now I'm tweaking some things in the car like the lean/rich mixture.


The 38 pin connector fits to the Mercedes-Benz port under the hood. It fits nice and tight. The cord is very stiff but can be bent over to the side ok. It worked with my new NT809BT scanner and wireless dongle just fine. Thank you Foxwell..