Comparison Between Foxwell NT809, NT809BT and NT809TS

Comparison Between Foxwell NT809, NT809BT and NT809TS

Foxwell released two new OBD2 Scanners, NT809BT and NT809TS in August 2022. Today we will compare NT809, NT809BT and NT809TS.

1. Comparison Chart of Foxwell NT809, NT809BT and NT809TS

Comparison Chart Of Foxwell NT809, NT809BT and NT809TS

2. Similarities Between Foxwell NT809, NT809BT and NT809TS

  • Top Hardware: Equipped with Android 9.0 OS, 1GB DDR3L Memory, 32GB SSD Hard Drive, 7-inch display and 40000mAh battery, these three scanners give you a high-tech user experience.
  • Bi-directional/Active Test: Equipped with a Bi-directional controller, these three automotive diagnostic scanners can perform active tests to determine if a system or component is working properly.
  • 30 Hot Maintenance Services: Supports 30 hot maintenance services needed in repair garage including Oil Reset, Injector Coding, ABS Bleeding, EPB Reset, Battery Registration, etc.
  • 18 Months Free Software Update: Foxwell provides 18 months free software update. After 18 months, you can still use it without renewal, but please note that new features and models may be limited.
  • All Systems Diagnosis: These three scanners allow you to access and diagnosis of all available ECUs and systems in the vehicle, including engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, TPMS, SAS, ECT, etc. You can read ECU information, read and clear codes, view live data, etc.
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage: Supports 10,000 vehicles from over 100 vehicle brands, including American, European, Asian and European brands.
  • Smart AUTO VIN & AUTO SCAN: Allows you to identify the vehicle VIN with a single touch, which helps technicians to scan and diagnose the vehicle quickly.

3. Differences Between Foxwell NT809, NT809BT and NT809TS

  • Connection method: Foxwell NT809 needs a cable to connect the vehicle to the scanner, which limits diagnostic work. Foxwell NT809BT and NT809TS provide Bluetooth Wireless Connection, allowing you to perform diagnostics outside the vehicle.
  • Advanced TPMS Functions: Foxwell NT809 and NT809BT support basic TPMS functions, including TPMS diagnosis and learning TPMS sensors by OBD. Foxwell NT809TS supports professional and comprehensive TPMS functions, including monitoring TPMS sensor data, TPMS diagnostics, activating 98% of TPMS sensors, programming of Foxwell T10 sensors, and TPMS sensor relearning.

4. How to Choose

  • If you don't mind diagnosing in a cramped driver's seat and only need basic TPMS functions, Foxwell NT809 is your best choice.
  • If you want to have more flexible space in the diagnostic work and do not have high requirements for TPMS functions, Foxwell NT809BT will be your good helper.
  • If you need full TPMS functions, Foxwell NT809TS is the best tool you need.

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