Foxwell NT809TS: 2022 Newest Bi-Directional Scan Tool Review

Foxwell NT809TS Review

Based on the Foxwell NT809, NT809BT and T2000, Foxwell further developed the Foxwell NT809TS in 2022, an advanced diagnostic and TPMS OBD2 scanner. Today, we will break down the details to help you find the best OBD2 scan tool.

Key Features

1. Cost-effective: Foxwell NT809TS combines NT809BT + T2000 + 4 PCS T10 TPMS sensors. Buying one NT809TS saves you $259 over buying them separately. 4 Foxwell TPMS T10 Sensors worth $128 are included for free as a gift.
2. 30 Special Functions: Foxwell NT809TS scanner has gathered 30 special functions such as Oil Reset, Parking Brake Pad relearn after replacement, Battery Registration and Reset, ABS Bleeding, Steering Angle Sensor Relearn, etc. Each of these special features will save your money and time.
3. Bi-directional Control: NT809TS allows you to send commands to the vehicle ECU to control actuators for testing, such as fuel pumps, reset control units, window up/down, mirror fold/unfold etc.
4. One-stop TPMS Solution: Updated from professional TPMS relearn tool T1000 and T2000, NT809TS can perform all aspect of TPMS service. The Foxwell NT809TS can diagnose TPMS-related problems such as flat tires, wheels turn lower speeds than usual, fewer rotations being made by the wheels, etc.
    • TPMS Diagnosis: The NT809TS allows you to perform in-depth diagnosis of the TPMS system to quickly locate problems.
    • Activates 99% of the Sensors: The NT809TS can activate 99% of the sensors on the market.
    • Programm Foxwell T10 Sensors: The NT809TS allows you to program sensor data to Foxwell T10 sensors. NT809TS supports 4 programming modes: Copy by Activation, Copy by OBD, Copy by Input and Auto Create. Note: The NT809TS supports programming Foxwell T10 sensor only.
    • Relearn 99% Sensors: The NT809TS allows you to relearn sensors after replacement, adjustment, or other changes. The NT809TS supports 3 ways to relearn: Stationary Relearn, Automatic Relearn or OBD Relearn.
    5. All System Diagnosis: Equipped with full system diagnostics, the NT809BT allows you to deeply analyze all vehicle systems to help you troubleshoot problems hidden under the hood.
    6. Wireless Bluetooth VCI Connection:Fast and reliable Bluetooth VCI enables wireless connectivity between the diagnostic scanner and the car, giving technicians complete freedom to move anywhere in the repair shop.
    7. Wide Vehicle Compatibility: The Foxwell NT809TS is compatible with a variety of vehicles from over 100 brands including BMW, Rolls-Royce, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo, Aston Martin, Benz, Ferrari, Fiat, Land Rover, Maserati, Porsche, etc.

      Pros and Cons

      1. Prons:

      • Equipped with advanced hardware including Android 9.0, 32GB memory and other hardware, Foxwell NT809TS brings you fast and accurate diagnosis.
      • Comes with 30 special functions, full system diagnosis, active tests and full TPMS functions, Foxwell NT809TS is the ultimate scan tool for technicians, mechanics and DIY lovers.

       2. Cons:

      • Foxwell NT809TS is one of the best products by Foxwell, but it still does not support online programming, which is a function usually enquired by the large auto repair shop.

      Who Need It

      For mechanics from auto repair shops, since Foxwell NT809TS provides fast and accurate reports, it can help mechanics save more time and make more profit from growing business.

      For DIY enthusiasts, the Foxwell NT809TS is also helpful as you can solve some complex issues including the tire pressure system yourself.

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