Why Do You Need A TPMS Service Tool?

Why Do You Need A TPMS Service Tool?

Tires are one of the important components of a car, and the main consideration for their performance is tire pressure. Too low or too high tire pressure will affect the performance of the tire, and even affect driving safety.

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. TPMS will monitor tire pressure in real time when you driving, and real-time alarm of air leakage and low tire pressure to ensure driving safety.

The Foxwell TPMS Service Tools allow you to reset, reprogram or activate the TPMS sensors after replacing and adjusting the sensors so that the ECU can accurately read the current tire pressure.

Why Do You Need A Foxwell TPMS Service Tool?

1. Ensure Driving Safety
When your tires are underinflated, the maneuverability of your tires is reduced, especially during tight turns and quick stops. These bad effects start even before the TPMS light comes on. TPMS reset tools allow you to find and fix problems before they become serious.
2. Improve Fuel Efficiency
When tire pressure is too low, the vehicle needs to consume more gas to keep the car moving forward. With the help of the TPMS reset tools, tire pressure can be kept at the correct level to maximize fuel efficiency.
3. Save Money and Time
Without TPMS reset tools, you'll need the help of a mechanic to maintain tires and sensors. When you have a tire pressure reset tool, you can reset your sensors without professional assistance, saving you a lot of time and money.

What Can Foxwell TPMS Service Tools Do?

1. Read TPMS Data
The TPMS tool can obtain TPMS sensor data including pressure level, tire temperature, battery level, sensor ID, etc.
2. Diagnosis TPMS System
If the TPMS error light comes on due to low tire pressure, changing tires, tire rotation, or switching from summer tires to winter tires, you can use the TPMS reset tool to turn it off.
3. TPMS Sensor Relearning
After replacing or adjusting the sensor, the Foxwell TPMS service tool will "tell" the engine control module the new location of the tire pressure sensor. Foxwell TPMS service tool allows you to relearn 98% of sensors.
4. TPMS Sensor Programming
While relearning will tell the ECM how to find the sensor, the sensor still needs to be programmed with the necessary protocols/applications to make the new sensor fully compatible with the vehicle's ECM.
5. TPMS Sensor Activation
You can use the TPMS service tool to activate a TPMS sensor to start collecting and transmitting information. The Foxwell TPMS service tool activates 99% of the sensors on the market.

Foxwell TPMS tools are known for their speed, reliability and customer service. Foxwell TPMS service tools are a smart investment for car enthusiasts and mechanics. Foxwell TPMS tools accurately read tire pressure data, monitor and reset tire pressure systems, helping you stay safe on the road.

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