How to Choose a Foxwell TPMS Service Tool?

How to Choose a Foxwell TPMS Service Tool?

Foxwell TPMS Service Tools are one of the must-have tools for auto DIYers and professional mechanics. Foxwell TPMS Tools allow you to activate, relearn and program TPMS sensors, accurately read TPMS sensor data, monitor and reset TPMS to keep you and your family safe on the road. This article will analyze the differences between Foxwell TPMS Service Tools. If you don't know how to choose a Foxwell TPMS Service Tool, this article may help you.

1. Foxwell TPMS Service Tools Comparison

Foxwell TPMS Service Tools Comparison

2. Differences Between Foxwell TPMS Service Tools

The Foxwell T1000 is a basic TPMS Service Tool with limited TPMS capabilities. Foxwell T1000 does not support OBD relearning, OBD2 functions, full-system diagnosis and reset services.

Combining T1000 and NT301, Foxwell T2000 supports advanced TPMS functions and full OBD2 functions. But Foxwell T2000 cannot diagnose all systems of the vehicle and cannot perform reset service.

Combining T2000 and NT809BT, Foxwell NT809TS supports advanced TPMS functions, full OBD2 functions, full-system diagnosis and 30 reset functions. 

3. How to Choose a Foxwell TPMS Service Tool

The price of each Foxwell TPMS Service Tool varies by feature.

Foxwell T1000 is the cheapest due to lack of features supported by other tools.

If you only need TPMS related functions, Foxwell T2000 is a good choice because it supports every TPMS related function.

However, we recommend you to choose Foxwell NT809TS. Equipped with all TPMS functions, full-system diagnosis, active test and 30 reset services, the Foxwell NT809TS is a one-stop TPMS and diagnostic tool. What's more, the NT809TS saves you hundreds of dollars compared to buying multiple diagnostic tools separately.

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