Which is the Best Foxwell Bi-Directional Scan Tool?

Which is the Best Foxwell Bi-Directional Scan Tool?

If you’re someone who want to carry out the maintenance or repair at home or in a auto repair shop, a trustworthy Bi-Directional Scan Tool is always a necessity.

The Bi-Directional Scan Tool will make a big difference in the precision and accuracy of your work, so an accurate and reliable Bi-Directional Scan Tool is what you need.

Foxwell, as an internationally-leading brand in automotive diagnostic products for 13 years, provides many excellent products for different applications. In this article, we will discuss about Foxwell 3 Bi-Directional scanners: Foxwell NT530, Foxwell NT809, and Foxwell GT60 Plus.

1. What is a Bi-Directional Scan Tool?

A Bi-Directional Scanner is a device that the user can connect to a vehicle via the OBD&OBD2 interface for the vehicle diagnosis. Compare to the traditional “read-only” scanning tools, the Bi-Directional Scanner can not only run the full-system scanning and read the data and codes, but also send commands and data to the ECU and monitor the performance of the modules. A Bi-Directional Scan tool can quickly check the vehicle systems, clearly indicate the code, conveniently reset the fault, etc., which greatly helps the DIY car enthusiasts or the technicians to complete the maintenance or repair tasks.

2. Foxwell Bi-Directional Scanners Comparison Chart

In the following table, we listed the three Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tools by Foxwell to compare their appearances, features, functions, etc.

Comparison Chart of Bi-Directional Scanners

Please note the terms and conditions about the update.
Foxwell NT530, lifetime free update, comes with preloaded software for one brand only, if the software for another brand is needed, the price is $60 - $ 80 for one piece of software for one brand.
Foxwell NT809, 18 months free update since activation, will cost extra fees after that, subscription: 200USD for 1 year, 320USD for 2 years, 400USD for 3 years. But if the users don’t need the newly developed or latest functions, the scanner can still work without subscription.
Foxwell GT60 Plus, 12 months free update since activation, subscription: 225USD for 1 year, 375USD for 2-year, and 570USD for 3-year. In the same way as NT809, GT60 Plus can still work without subscription.

3. Recommendations

The 3 Bi-Directional Scanners by Foxwell mentioned above are in different levels and have different features and functions, so you can choose the proper devices according to the actual situations. Meanwhile, we can briefly give some suggestion for different applications:

👉 If you are a vehicle owner or for family use, Foxwell NT530 is an economical choice. You just need one scanner and software for one or few brands, they can enjoy the free update service for the lifetime of the device. With NT530's OE-level diagnosis, you can do various scheduled maintenance tasks or repairs, which brings you the sense of accomplishment and saves a lot of money at the same time. Looking to buy? Then just click here!

👉 If you are a DIY enthusiast or a skilled mechanic, Foxwell NT809 is the excellent helper. With one scanner, you can work on almost all the compatible vehicles. As your last scanner, NT809 meets almost all your maintainance need and you don’t need to buy a separate diagnostic tool anymore. Looking to buy? Then just click here!

👉 If you work in an auto repair shop, Foxwell GT60 Plus is a professional and must-have tool. It can rapidly provide the reliable diagnostic results, and mechanic can efficiently fix the problems accordingly. Therefore, GT60 Plus greatly saves more time for the diagnosis which effectively brings you more profitable business. Looking to buy? Then just click here!

If you have any question or other opinion about Foxwell products, we’d love to listen to your voice in the comment.

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