Foxwell NT530 VS Foxwell NT809 - Which Is Better?

Foxwell NT530 VS Foxwell NT809, Which Is Better?

As best-selling products of Foxwell, Foxwell NT530 and Foxwell NT809 scanners are highly recommended by vehicle owners and mechanics. They are both powerful, comprehensive, advanced, and reliable scan tools. Foxwell NT530 provides quick and accurate OE-level diagnostic results. Foxwell NT809 is known for its high quality, user-friendly, and extensive vehicle compatibility.

There are some things that NT530 can do better than NT809 and some things NT809 can do better than NT530. If you're looking for a proper scanning tool, this article will be helpful.

1. Comparison Chart Of Foxwell NT530 & Foxwell NT809

Comparison Chart of Foxwell NT530 and Foxwell NT809

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2. Similarities Between Foxwell NT530 & Foxwell NT809

  • Bi-Directional Control

NT530 and NT809 are bi-directional scanners, which enables you to request information or send command to a module for specific tests, functions, and result data observation, in order to troubleshoot and fix the issue quickly. The bi-directional control (aka Active Test/Component Test) will save lots of time.

  • Full-System Diagnosis

Both scanners are featured with comprehensive diagnosis for all systems in the vehicle, such as read/erase fault code, indicate the vehicle issue in live data, turn off the MIL after repair and maintenance, etc.

  • Full OBD2 Diagnostics

Both scan tools support full-OBD2 diagnosis for fast correction of the Check Engine Light warning on most vehicles with OBD2/CAN. They also have many wonderful functions, including the easily access to the vehicle emission status with I/M Readiness, live data readings, freeze frame data, and EVAP system, onboard monitor test, etc., which realize that all the daily maintenance items can be fulfilled by either NT530 or NT809 scanner.

3. Differences Between Foxwell NT530 & Foxwell NT809

  • Functions

Foxwell NT530 is an OE-Level diagnostic tool, which means that it can provide all reset functions. Foxwell NT809 provides 30 most commonly used reset functions, such as Oil reset, EPB reset, BMS reset service, DPF reset service and so on etc., meets 90% of your daily needs.

As the OE-Level diagnostic scanner, Foxwell NT530 provides more comprehensive and deeper diagnosis and analysis than NT809.

  • Vehicle Compatibility

Foxwell NT530 covers over 50 vehicle makes. Foxwell NT809 is applicable for more than 10000 vehicles in 108 vehicle brands, which means NT809 have wider coverage for most vehicles in the market including the latest vehicles built in 2021.

Foxwell NT530 comes with pre-installed software for one vehicle brand, you can add another vehicle brand if you pay an extra cost at $60 - $80 for each. While NT809 supports more than 100 vehicle brands, and no extra charge for adding software for other vehicle brand.

  • Design And Specifications

The Foxwell NT530 equippes traditional ARM system, and controled by buttons/keypad. The Foxwell NT809 adopts Android system and touch screen control, which means that the performance and convenience of the diagnosis process is impressively improved.

The Foxwell NT530 is equipped with a 2.8” TFT display, and NT809 is mounted with a 7” LCD display. NT809 helps you view data with more details and clearly than NT530.

  • Software and Updates

A Windows computer is a must for the Foxwell NT530 software activation and upgrade. Compare to the complicated update method with a computer as a necessity, it’s obviously more convenient to update NT809 by only one-click directly through the device.

Foxwell provides the lift-time free upgrade service for NT530. You can enjoy 18 months free upgrade since the day the device is activated. After that, you can pay extra fee for the subscription if you want to keep the scanner up-to-date. And of course, the NT809 will still work if you don’t need the latest version of the software.

4. How to Choose

With OE-Level diagnosis and Bi-Directional Control, Foxwell NT530 is very cost-effective at the price lower than $200. Scince NT530 needs extra fees for any additional software, NT530 is an excellent  choice for the vehicle owners and DIY enthusiasts. Get the NT530 here:

Adopted all-new chip with latest Android 9.0 operating system & 7” large touch screen, NT809 gives enthusiasts, mechanics and technicians a rapid system diagnosis that allows for quick and easy maintenance of vehicles. Equipped full systems diagnosis with 30 reset services and extensive vehicle compatibility, ensures that NT809 is the one to suit all vehicle needs. NT809 is a perfect choice for enthusiasts, mechanics and car repair shops. Get the NT809 here:

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