6 Innovative Upgrades Make Foxwell NT809 Faster, Smarter and More Powerful

6 Innovative Upgrades Make NT809 Faster, Smarter and More Powerful

Foxwell NT809 Diagnostic Tool, the new arrival, is a more impressive and innovative product compare to the other diagnostic scanners by Foxwell. NT809 is a great step forward for Foxwell in smart diagnostic tools.

6 Innovative Upgrades:

👍 More Advanced Hardware --Traditional ARM system to smart Android system.
👍 More Smooth Touchable Screen -- Navigation key control to Touch Screen control.
👍 Bi-directional & Active Test  -- Significantly reduces the mechanics’ diagnostic time.
👍 More Convenient Update -- Complicated computer to One-Click WiFi Update.
👍 Faster Technical Support -- Online Feedback function helps you solve issues timely.
👍 Larger Memory -- Greatly increase the performance and convenient.


1. Hardware Upgrade

  • Design: NT809 diagnostic tool is a tablet device with an adjustable stand. The traditional ARM system is replaced by the Android 9.0 OS, you can enjoy the responsive technical experience with the improved processing speed.
  • Memory: With 1GB RAM & 16GB ROM., the performance and convenience of the diagnosis process is impressively improved.
  • Dimensions and Weight: It’s convenient to carry the portable NT809 at this light weight and small size.
  • Touch Screen: The control method adopts a 7” touch screen to replace the traditional buttons/keypad. With the sensitive and precise control system, you can enjoy the convenience of touch control method. The well-designed HMI helps the users to easily find the function they need and clearly understand the diagnosis.
  • Battery: The rechargeable 4,000mAh lithium battery provides longer running and standby time.

2. One-Click Update

You now don’t need any other device for the software update any more. Compare to the complicated update method with a computer as a necessity, it’s obviously more convenient to connect the scanner to a stable Wi-Fi to update the software by only one-click on the touch screen. Therefore, even a new user, without any training, can easily update the NT809 software anywhere and anytime with a stable Wi-Fi.

3. Online Feedback & Suggestions

You can submit the questions together with detailed document & attachment in real-time. The Foxwell professional technicians will check the information and confirm the problem, then reply accordingly ASAP.

4. Bi-Directional & Active Test

Since the Foxwell NT809 bi-directional scanning tool supports the active test, it's a nice bargain at the price less than $500. Without using vehicle control, NT809 can send direct commands from the 7-inch tablet to multiple systems/components to test their running status, including vehicle body, chassis, powertrain, fuel system, light system, etc., which excellently helps the mechanics to save time on diagnosis. Note: Follow this manual to update NT809 to become a Bi-Directional Scanner: Update nt809

5. 30 Hot Reset Services

Foxwell NT809 automotive scanner comes with the most commonly used service reset functions, including Oil service, EPB reset, BMS reset service, DPF reset service, etc., which helps you to accurately diagnose and calibrate the vehicle faults when any warning light is on.

6. Full-System Diagnosis & Full OBD2 Diagnosis

The newly upgraded portable NT809 scanner provides comprehensive diagnosis for all systems in the vehicle, read/clear fault codes, indicate the car issue in live data, turn off the MIL after repair and maintenance, etc.

7. Wide Vehicle Coverage

The Foxwell NT809 scanner is a comprehensive vehicle diagnostic scan tool. NT809 applies to up to 108 vehicle brands and more than 10000 vehicles, which provides wider coverage for most vehicles in the market. NT809 has updated car makes lists on 2021. The NT809 scan tool can fully-support all the functions in OBD2 modules to read/clear fault codes, show live data in text and graph, smog check, read freeze frame data, On-Board monitor test (mode 6), EVAP test (mode 8), O2 sensor test, etc.


Foxwell is one of the world-leading scan tool brands with many outstanding scanners. The NT809 OBD2 diagnostic scanner provides rapid system diagnosis and convenient maintenance to the DIY enthusiasts, mechanics and technicians. NT809 meets most of your need in one scanning tool to rapidly diagnose and find solutions to your car-related issues.  With functions, ranging from basic to advanced, the compatibility and simple navigation, ensure that this scanning tool is the one to suit all vehicle needs.

Click the link to grab a NT809: https://www.foxwelldiag.com/nt809

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