What’s the difference between Foxwell NT706, NT716 and NT726

If you’d like to spend some time to know your vehicle better, you should try performing the diagnostic scanning on the electronic systems with a convenient and reliable OBD2 scan tool.

As an experienced diagnostic scanning tools manufacturer and supplier, Foxwell is always trying the best to improve the performance of our products and service for our customers. Here we suggest you to check out the following three products in Foxwell NT706, NT716 and NT726, which are newly released in 2021.

Comparison Table of Foxwell NT706, NT716 and NT726

Comparison table of foxwell NT706, NT716 and NT726

Both these 3 Foxwell diagnostic tools, designed as tablet devices, is composed of the exact same hardware, for example, each of them is equipped with a 5.5’ touch screen. There are also some similarities, such as, the newly adopted Android 9.0 operating system, which is greatly improved the processing speed and brings better operating experience to the users; with Online Update, you don’t need to connect the scanning tool to a Windows computer for update anymore, you can update NT7*6 Series products anytime and anywhere with a stable Wi-Fi connected; and all the Foxwell NT7*6 Series products support the Full OBD2/EOBD Functions.

Since the Foxwell NT706, NT716 and NT726 Series products look just the same, the differences come in features and functions.

👉 Let’s start with the basic scanner in NT7*6 Series — Foxwell NT706.

1. The Foxwell NT706 diagnostic scanning tool supports 4 System Diagnostics: Engine, Transmission, SRS, and ABS System.
2. The full OBD2/EOBD functions includes 10 test modes works on most OBD2/CAN vehicles produced in the year since 1996.
3. Once the scanner finishes the diagnosis running, the system will generate a diagnostic report according to the result. The report is saved as a PDF document, you can forward it to another device via email, Bluetooth, or print directly, but make sure the other device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your scanner.
4. With simply one-touch, you can enjoy lifetime free software update and timely technical assistance for NT7*6 Series products provided by Foxwell, which is impressively more convenient and efficient than the traditional method requires connection to a Windows computer.
Get NT706 here.

👉 If you want an updated device, NT716 is an excellent choice.

As an updated version product in NT7*6 Series, Foxwell NT716 supports all the functions the NT706 has, including Full OBDII Functions, 4 System Diagnosis, automatic identification of vehicle information, diagnosis report, online update and feedback, etc.
What’s more, Foxwell has added some special functions to NT716 system, especially 6 most commonly used services for maintenance routines: EPB, oil reset, ABS bleeding, TPS, SAS, and TPMSGet NT716 here.

👉 Foxwell also provide advanced device for professional users, NT726 is currently the best choice.

Foxwell NT726 is the best-selling in the NT7*6 Series since it offers the most cost-effective. It is another level up than NT716, so NT726 is featured with all the functions can be performed by NT716. The differences are in the compatible electronic systems and special functions.
NT706 and NT716 mentioned above support 4 systems diagnosis only, while NT726 supports the scanning and diagnosis for all the electronic systems. In addition, compare to NT706 without any special function or NT716 with 6 special functions, NT726 has 8 most commonly used functions for maintenance, the extra 2 items are DPF and InjectorGet NT726 here.

To clearly show the similarities and differences, we listed some key items in the following table for comparison, you can choose the proper scanner according to your own applications.