How to Choose Between Foxwell NT710 and Foxwell NT650 Elite II?

Foxwell launched two new OBD2 Scanners in June. Many customers are concerned about how to choose the Foxwell NT710 and Foxwell NT650 Elite II. In this article, we will analyze the similarities and differences between these two products in detail.

1. Comparison Table of Foxwell NT710 and Foxwell NT650 Elite II:

Comparison Table of Foxwell NT710 and Foxwell NT650 Elite II:

2. Similarities Between Foxwell NT710 and Foxwell NT650 Elite II

As the items listed in the table above, the hardware designs of Foxwell NT650 Elite II and Foxwell NT710 are the same.

  • Display: Either Foxwell NT650 Elite II or Foxwell NT710 is equipped with a 5.5" daylight readable color LCD touch screen with the resolution of 1280×720 pixel, which brings significant improvement for the users’ experience.
  • Update Method: both come with wireless update. You don’t need any other device for the tablet device update, just connect them to stable Wi-Fi, and tap on the “Update” button, the update process will finish within one minute averagely.
  • Operating System: Adopted Android 9.0 operating system, both Foxwell NT650 Elite II and Foxwell NT710 allow you to experience more responsive operation and more rapid update.
  • Software Free Update: Foxwell offers lifetime free update service for both Foxwell NT650 Elite II and Foxwell NT710. You can always keep your scanner up to date for free.
  • Full OBD2 Diagnostics: Both Foxwell NT650 Elite II and Foxwell NT710 support full OBD2 functions, such as read codes, clear codes, turn off check engine light, reset monitors, read live data and view freeze frame.

3. Differences Between Foxwell NT710 and Foxwell NT650 Elite II

The appearances and the hardware design of the Foxwell NT650 Elite II and Foxwell NT710 are similar, but their system configuration and functions are different from each other.

  • Electronic Systems: As a dealer level OBD2 scanner, the NT710 supports OE-Level Full-System diagnosis. The Foxwell NT710 is a one-stop solution for experienced DIYers and enthusiasts, who don’t need to purchase another scanners and save hundreds of dollars. Compared with the NT710, the NT650 Elite II supports 2 main system diagnostics: ABS and SRS. If you only need to diagnose these two systems, the NT650 will be a good choice.
  • Special Functions: Foxwell NT710 supports most the special functions Foxwell have developed as long as it is available on your vehicles. Foxwell NT650 Elite II comes with 25 special functions: ABS BLEEDING, AFA, AIRBAG RESET, BRT, CHANGE TIRE SIZE, CLUTCH, CVT, DPF, EPB, EVAPTEST, GEAR LEARN, HEADLAMP, INJECTOR, LANGUAGE CHANGE, ODOMETER, OILRESET, PFP, SAS, SEATMATCH, TCMOIL, TPS, TRANSMISSION ADAPTION, TURBO, WINDOWSDOOR, and TPMS.
  • Bi-Directional Control (Active Test): The Foxwell NT710 supports active testing while the NT650 Elite II does not. The Foxwell NT710 allows you to send commands to the vehicle to diagnose whether the vehicle's systems are working properly, which will bring great convenience and save a lot of time to your routine maintenance work.
  • Extension and Customization: Foxwell NT650 Elite II can be used on almost 100+ vehicles brands in the market for free, but Foxwell NT710 comes with 1 free vehicles brands. When you order a Foxwell NT710 you can choose the software for one brand, if you need to diagnose other vehicles from different makes, you can try the “Online Shopping” to buy the software with the device directly, at $60 - $80 for each brand.

👍 With OE-Level Full-System diagnosis, active testing, almost all Special Functions, the Foxwell NT710 is a premium choice for home mechanics and hobby DIYers.

👍 Working with 100+ brands, supporting 25 special functions, and 2 system diagnostics, the Foxwell NT650 Elite II is a good helper for start-up auto workshops and experienced mechanics.