Foxwell Launches New OBD2 Scanners in August 2022

Foxwell Launches New OBD2 Scanners in August 2022

Foxwell releases the most anticipated OBD2 Scanners NT809BT and NT809TS in August 2022. NT809BT and NT809TS are Bi-directional Scan Tools that offer mechanics more processing power, more functionality and easier connectivity than the older model NT809.

The Foxwell NT809BT offers the same functions that have made the NT809 so popular and brings those features into the Bluetooth connectivity that professionals are looking for. The tool comes with Wireless & Bluetooth connectivity, a large 7-inch touch screen, Bi-Directional Controller, full system diagnostics, 30+ Reset Services and 18 months of free updates.

The Foxwell NT809TS combines the Foxwell NT809BT and Foxwell T2000. NT809TS supports active test, 30 reset functions, full OBDII function and full system diagnostics, which can meet all your needs for various repairs or maintenance. On the basis of retaining all the powerful functions of NT809BT, the NT809TS allows you to perform advanced TPMS functions. The NT809TS scanner is for professional users to perform TPMS diagnostics, TPMS sensor relearning, TPMS sensor activation, TPMS sensor programming.

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