How to Choose an Electronic Parking Brake Release Tool?

How to Choose an Electronic Parking Brake Release Tool?

In recent years, the Electronic Parking Brake is exceedingly common in the vehicles. EPB is a smarter, safer and more convenient means of braking the wheels under a variety of situations.

1. What is Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)?

Electronic Parking Brake(EPB), an advanced version of a traditional parking brake or handbrake on the vehicle, is a technology that integrates temporary braking during driving and long-term braking after parking. EPB is controlled by the electronic system, the driver can activate the parking mechanism by easily pressing or lifting a switch, and then the brake pads will be electronically applied to the wheels, the rear wheels usually. This is achieved by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the actuator mechanism.

Currently, there are two types of the EPB mechanisms: cable puller systems and caliper integrated system, so the working principle can also be divided into two types according to the different structures:

  • Cable Puller System: same as a handbrake, but the mechanical lever is replaced by an electronic switch, which are both braked by tightening the brake pads on the wheels via the cable. This system can be used for any modern vehicle on both disc brakes and drum brakes. Its high performance-cost ratio makes it convenient for vehicle modification.
  • Caliper Integrated System: adopts a small electric motor and the electromechanical calipers. The motor directly drives the calipers to lock/unlock the parking brakes without any cable or handbrake lever. The cost is relatively higher. Additionally, this system only works with disc brake.

2. How does EPB Work?

Parking Brakes are basically required for vehicle temporary holding or long-time parking. Traditionally, a parking brakes system comes with a cable connects brake pads to the handbrake lever. Lifting the lever increases the cable tension to force the brake pads to stop the wheels moving. Nowadays, the Electronic Parking Brake system consists of three parts: the electronic brake module, the actuator/electric motor, and the electric switch in cab.

When operating the EPB switch, there is a command sent to the Electronic Brake Module. The module detects the requirement for the parking brakes, and then orders the actuators or the motors on the calipers to force the brake to clamp the disc, as a result, the wheels stop moving.

Featured with the effective electronic components, the electronic parking brake system is more efficient and reliable. In addition, it improves brake reliability because there is no mechanical connection.

3. Why do You Need the Electronic Parking Brake Release Tool?

When it is necessary to replace the brake pads with EPB function, the brake pads must be released to the maintenance or repair position where you can remove them and install the new ones. In this situation, you need a release tool, usually a diagnostic scan tool, to send the command to the EPB system to open the brake calipers to get enough working space for maintenance or repair.

After the brake pads are replaced, you need the scanner to order the motors or actuators to clamp the brake pads again and push them back to the working position.

4. What are the Best Foxwell Scanners with EPB Server?

And of course, Foxwell Electronic Parking Brake Release Tools can both carry out the following duties:
– EPB system diagnosis
– Read Codes
– Erase Codes
– Read Live Data
– Active Test
– EPB server (Workshop Mode)

The following three bi-directional scanners with the EPB function are always in the list of recommendations: NT530, NT809, and GT60 Plus.

Foxwell NT530, an OE-Level scanner for $179, is a great helper for DIY enthusiasts, since it provides convenient service to fix the fault on your vehicle. 

Foxwell NT809, an excellent diagnostic scan tool for $459, comes with advanced hardware and a touchscreen, you can enjoy the reliable diagnostic progress.

Foxwell GT60 Plus, a professional device for $899, is equipped with powerful diagnosis and data management functions, it is an efficient assistant in the automotive repair facilities.

For more Foxwell OBD2 scanners with EPB function, please refer to Buyers Guide.

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