How to Upgrade the Foxwell NT650 Elite & NT680 Lite & NT680 & NT680 Pro?

Step1: Download and Install the Foxwell Update Tool

  1. You need a Windows computer to install the update tool. Find the model of your scanner here Download Foxwell Update Tool and click "Download".
  2. Find the model of your scanner, for example, NT650 Elite, 
  3. Open the file when it is downloaded. And follow the software setup guide to finish the installation.

Step2: Log In Foxwell Account

  1. If you don’t have a Foxwell account, please register first. Launch "FoxAssist", and then click "Register" button. Fill in the required information, don’t forget read and select the notice at the bottom, and then click "Free Registration"How to create a foxwell account
  2. If you have already got an existing Foxwell account, fill in your account information and "Sign In".Sign in foxwell account

Step3: Connect Your Foxwell Scanner and the Computer

  1. Take the memory card out of the scanner, and connect it to the Windows computer with the card "Update" in the foxwell scannermake sure the foxwell scanner is in the update page

Step4: Activation and  Update the Foxwell Scanner

  1. Click "Activate" button in "FoxAssist" software program.Click Activate button in FoxAssist software program.

  2. Click "Refresh" in "Download" page when the scanner is activated.Click Refresh in Download page when the scanner is activated.
  3. Select all the available items, and click "Update". Please note that it may take longer to download some big files, please be patient.Select all the available items and click Update
  4. The update is completed successfully when you see the notification.The update is completed successfully when you see the notification

If you need any further assistance with your scanner update, please email us to