Introduction Of Foxwell TPMS Sensor

Tire pressure became a national concern in the United States after a series of auto accidents in the early 21st century, and the U.S. government passed the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act. to improve driving safety. One result of this legislation is that most vehicles sold in the U.S. since 2007 include some sort of tire pressure monitoring system. Tire pressure systems play an important role in ensuring driver safety, improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensor is used to measure tire pressure and temperature and transmits wireless data to the vehicle's electronic control module. When the tire pressure is too low, the TPMS warning light on the dashboard will illuminate to notify the driver to check carefully.

Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor is developed by Foxwell in 2020. It can be installed on more than 99% of the vehicles with direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System. It integrates both 315MHz and 433MHz frequencies. Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor can be activated by Foxwell TPMS service tool, it can be easily activated and programmed within seconds. 

Key Features Of Foxwell T10 TPMS Sensor:

  • Compatibility: Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor supports up to 99% vehicles sold in Asia, America, Europe, and other international markets, as long as the vehicles are equipped with direct TPMS.
  • Dual-Frequency: Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor combines both 315MHz and 433MHz applications, which makes it smart and efficient. And as an OE equivalent sensor, Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor can be used to replace the OEM ones.
  • 100% Cloneable: Foxwell T10 TPMS sensors can completely clone the original sensor ID, so they don’t need to relearn when replacing the original ones.
  • Wireless Programming: Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor is programmable with Foxwell TPMS service tools, such as T1000, T2000, NT809TS, and NT819TS.
  • Unlimited Reprogramming: You can always reprogram Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor for unlimited times with Foxwell TPMS service tools, until it is suitable for the vehicle
  • Interchangeable Valves: There are two kinds of Foxwell T10 TPMS sensors according to their materials: metal and rubber. They have the exact same functions, so you can always replace them with each other.
  • Serial Number: Each Foxwell T10 sensor has a unique serial number. It is not only for assisting the quality control but also for tracking every single sensor.
  • Accurate Reading: A Foxwell T10 sensor adopts high precision air valve to avoid air leakage, which guarantees the gas tightness. Together with the advanced chip, it provides accurate pressure data.
  • Embedded Battery: A Foxwell T10 sensor has a superior embedded battery, which makes the service life of a sensor last for more than 5 years.
  • Adjustable Angle: The angle of Foxwell T10 sensor can be regulated in the range of 0 - 30°, you can adjust it to a proper position to make it be suitable for various wheels.
  • Warranty: Foxwell guarantees that Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor is free from material and production defects for 2 years.
Please note that Foxwell T10 TPMS sensor can only be programmed by Foxwell TPMS service tools, such as T1000, T2000, NT809TS, etc.