Meet the New Foxwell NT710 OBD2 Scanner

Meet the New Foxwell NT710 OBD2 Scanner

If you are a car owner, home mechanic or DIY enthusiast who will perform vehicle diagnostics at home or in a professional garage, the Foxwell NT710 is a trustworthy Bi-Directional Scan Tool. With OE-Level diagnosis, Bi-Directional controller, more than 30 special maintenance functions, the newly released Foxwell NT710 is one of the most recommended Foxwell OBD2 Scanners. In this article, we'll break down the details to help you find a top tier Bi-Directional Scan Tool.

Key Features

1. Advanced hardware: 

Based on Android 9.0 and 5.5" touch screen, the NT710 can get accurate diagnosis results in less than a minute, which will greatly reduce the waiting time and improve the diagnosis speed compared to the NT530!

2. One-Click Wi-Fi Update: 

Forget about the Windows computer for software update, now you just need to connect Foxwell NT710 to a stable Wi-Fi and tap on the touch screen to enjoy the quick and convenient “One-Click Update”.

3. No Annual Subscription Fee:

You can enjoy lifetime free updates to the latest software, helping you save at least $200 a year on upgrades.

4. Online Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Report Share:

If you are a beginner or not a professional mechanic, you don't need to worry about encountering some problems that you don't know how to solve during the diagnosis process. This diagnostic scanner supports uploading a diagnostic problem page by clicking the icon at the top to get professional help from foxwell engineers. All diagnoses can be shared with yourself or others. You'll never find this useful feature on an ARM scanner.

5. Bi-Directional/Active Test:

Allows you to activate or control systems and components to check and troubleshoot your car by yourself, saving you expensive costs of testing and repairing at a repair shop.

6. OE-Level Full-System Diagnosis:  

Foxwell NT710 can perform in-depth diagnosis of all systems at the dealer level for more than 50 car brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Maserati, Nissan, etc. This obd2 scanner can quickly locate vehicle problems and turn off MIL after air suspension, engine, ABS, SRS, SAS, EPB repairs. Using the NT710 to read the vehicle I/M status, you can perform a self-check to confirm if your vehicle is ready for the annual inspection.

7. 30+ Special Functions:

Foxwell NT710 supports more than 30 special maintenance functions, including EPB, OIL RESET, ABS BLEEDING, TPS, SAS, TPMS, DPF, INJECTOR, BRT, CVT, GEARLEARN, ODOMETER, PFP, SEATMATCH, AFA, CLUTCH, LANG CHANGE, WINDOWSDOOR, TURBO, HEADLAMP, TRANSMISSION ADAPTION, TCMOIL, AIRBAG RESET, EVAP TEST, CHANGE TIRE SIZE, SUSPENSION, OPDSINIT, etc., which can meet 98% of maintenance needs without purchasing more scanners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Foxwell NT710

1. Advantages:

  • Cost: Priced at $249, with powerful features supported, including OE-level diagnostics, bi-directional controllers, over 30 special maintenance features, NT710 is a cost-effective option for car owners and home mechanics.
  • Ease Of Use: This scanner is designed as a tablet device, equipped with a 5.5” touch screen, which is more convenient for reading and operating. Its Android 9.0 operating system brings more user-friendly performance, responsive operation and rapid diagnosis. Although Foxwell NT710 has the exact same functions as Foxwell NT530, you can enjoy better experience with the updated hardware. Some users used to complain that they have to get a Windows computer for Foxwell NT530 software update, and they have to wait for the slow update and diagnosis process. Now, Foxwell NT710 with Android 9.0 brings more responsive performance.
  • Lifetime Free Update: Foxwell also provides life-time free software update for Foxwell NT710, you can always get the latest version of the system software with newly developed functions for your vehicle.
  • Online Technical Support: Foxwell NT710 may save you time and money since you don’t have to be or ask help from a professional mechanic. Submit your question directly on the scanner during diagnosis to receive online professional troubleshooting assistance from Foxwell engineers.
  • Extensive Vehicle Compatibility: NT710 OBD2 scan tool can run in most vehicles, such as American vehicles since 1996, European vehicles since 2000, etc..Some of the car brands it covers include Jaguar, Bugatti, Suzuki, Porsche, Mazda, Audi, GMT, Toyota, Ford, BMW, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Chevrolet, etc.

2. Disadvantages:

  • DO NOT support programming and coding.
  • Bluetooth VCI wireless diagnostics are not supported.

To Sum up

Equipped with advanced hardware and powerful diagnostic features, this scanner is a good value for money for any car enthusiast who regularly works on the car. We believe Foxwell NT710 is an excellent choice if you want to understand your vehicle better, read and clear your vehicle’s fault codes, fix the faults, etc.

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