How To Fix The Memory Card Errors Of Foxwell Scanners?

How to Fix the Memory Card Errors of Foxwell Scanners?

This article is discussing how to fix memory card errors of Foxwell Scanners.

1. What to Do If the Memory Card Cannot be Found on “FoxAssist”?

To activate or update the Foxwell handheld scanner, such as Foxwell NT530, NT650 Elite, NT680, NT680 Lite, NT680 Pro, etc., you need to connect the scanner memory card to a Windows computer with the card reader, and launch “FoxAssist”. However, the Windows system or “FoxAssist” program sometimes cannot detect or recognize the memory card, what to do?
First, you can try testing the card reader with another TF card if available, make sure the card reader is working properly. Secondly, if the card reader is good, but the memory card still cannot be recognized, you probably need another 8GB or 16GB memory card, and connect to “FoxAssist” again.

 2. Why My 64GB Memory Card doesn’t Work on my Foxwell Scanner?

As we mentioned above, if you need to replace a memory card, please make sure its capacity is 8GB or 16GB. Since Foxwell has adapted the system for the memory card with the storage not larger than 16GB, which is usually enough for Foxwell scanner system. If you insert a memory card larger than 16GB into the scanner, the system files might be not compatible, or even be damaged. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use an 8GB or 16GB memory card for your Foxwell Scanner.

If you found any other error about the memory card, please feel free to send email to, we will provide solution for you ASAP.

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