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Onboard Diagnostic II, or OBD2 scanners, are investigative tools similar to those used by forensic teams in crime cases; however, in this case, OBD2 scanners are used to find and fix problems deep within a car's subsystems.

The OBD2 standard language applies to almost all internal combustion passenger cars manufactured after 1996, yet readers' ability to delve deeply into your car's subsystems varies.

More expensive variants let users access the ABS and airbag systems and change the operating parameters of a car.

At the same time, more affordable devices will just scan the basic codes for frequent problems like oxygen detector and throttle position indicator failures.

However, we will focus on the OBD2 Bluetooth scanner and highlight one of the best on the market,the Foxwell NT809BT OBD2 scanner.

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What is an OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner?

An OBD2 Bluetooth scanner does not require a cord connection to the driver's seat to read engine diagnostics.

The driver gets to view live data on the OBD2 scanner. Certain Bluetooth scanners even provide repair estimates with average costs for recommended repairs.

The ideal OBD2 Bluetooth scanner should come with various diagnostic tools and be simple to use. At the absolute least, a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner can read error codes and check engine signals.

Some scanners have sophisticated tools for real-time data, such as ABS diagnostics and other features.

Which is the Best OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner to Buy?

Nothing beats the Foxwell NT809BT scanner. With its Bluetooth VCI capability, the Foxwell NT809BT allows the driver greater operating flexibility when utilizing the scanner up to 10 meters away, eliminating any limitations.

The Foxwell NT809BT possesses bidirectional control, which scans and commands, giving the user active tests that save time on diagnostics.

The Foxwell NT809BT makes it easier for the user to handle various challenging maintenance issues.

Furthermore, the diagnostic report is downloadable, shareable, and printable; the driver will require it for additional research, correspondence, or support.

The driver can report a fault that happened during the system's diagnosis procedure, and qualified Foxwell engineers will respond with a fix.

The Foxwell NT809BT enables thorough diagnostics for all of the electronic control modules in the car, giving the owner easy access to information about the state of their vehicle.

Finally, with a 7" color touchscreen display and the Android 9.0 operating system, the Foxwell NT809BT offers a quick and accurate diagnosis procedure.

The Foxwell NT809BT is an excellent car diagnostic tool that appeals to DIY car engineers and enthusiasts alike.

Now that the inner workings of the Foxwell NT809BT have been explored, it's time to learn how to connect an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner and what to look out for in a Bluetooth scanner.

How to Connect an OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

Learning how to use a Foxwell OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is simple and uncomplicated. The easy steps listed below will help the driver set up and operate their Bluetooth diagnostic scanner:

  • Install the Application

Firstly, the driver has to download the right app to their phone before they can use their new OBD2 scanner.

One can get the majority of scanner applications for Android and iPhone. One must download the correct software by consulting the owner's handbook.

  • Plug in the OBD2 Scanner

Place the connector into the car's OBD2 port. Usually, the plug is located on the gas pedal side beneath the steering wheel.

The car code reader can connect to the vehicle's ECU by plugging the scanner into the OBD2 port.

  •  Turn On the Car

The car must be turned on so that the scanner can properly connect with the ECU before the driver can obtain error codes or perform diagnostics.

  •  Connect the Phone to the Scanner via Bluetooth

The driver is responsible for ensuring their phone's Bluetooth is turned on. After that, users launch the smartphone software they downloaded in step one and need to connect to the plugged-in OBD2 scanner in step two.

They are now prepared to conduct diagnostics and scan their vehicle's ECU.

What to Look for in an OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

Based on OBD2 scanner reviews, many OBD2 Bluetooth scanners are approximately the same; the associated software, like the Foxwell OBD2 scanner, determines the difference in product quality.

Furthermore, aspects like cost, accessibility, advanced features, technical expertise, and compatibility with the vehicle are all important to consider.

Here are some crucial things to consider when buying an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner.

  •  Ease of Access

Understanding an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner shouldn't be difficult. It is not just professional mechanics who should be able to use the most effective scanners. The top OBD2 Bluetooth scanners have clear instructions and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Cost of the Device

Drivers seek more value for money. Suppose an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is less expensive and has fewer functions. In that case, it might be a better option for some users, particularly if they only need to perform basic actions like clear check engine lights and don't plan to use the advanced diagnostics tools.

  • Compatibility

A driver must ensure that the diagnostic scan equipment they purchase is appropriate for their car, regardless of the brand.

Most well-known brands are compatible with OBD2 Bluetooth scanners. Toyota, Honda, and GM OBD2 scanners are some popular ones.

However, it might not work with all OBD2 scanners if the user drives a luxury, sports, or foreign automobile.

  •  A Reliable Companion Application

Every OBD2 Bluetooth scanner connects wirelessly to a tablet or smartphone. The driver must open an application to interact with the scanner.

The vehicle scanner performs better the more user-friendly the software is. Therefore, the car owner should invest in an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner that operates seamlessly.

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The Foxwell NT809BT OBD2 scanner is the premier choice in Bluetooth scanners. From its smart scan to its user-friendly interface, the scanner provides its users with ease and accessibility.

With a state-of-the-art operating system and color touchscreen display, the Foxwell NT809BT offers the best services in car diagnostics.

So, get the best OBD2 Bluetooth scanner that money can buy and give the car a prestigious treatment.


Why Should I Buy an OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner?

An OBD2 Bluetooth scanner offers easy access and a user-friendly option for scanning your car and running diagnostics.

Which OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Brand Should I Buy?

You can't go wrong with the Foxwell NT809BT. It is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use Bluetooth scanner that offers bidirectional control and complete system diagnostics.

Can a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner work with any car model?

Most Bluetooth OBD2 scanners are compatible with vehicles that support the OBD2 protocol, generally cars and trucks manufactured after 1996 in the USA and 2001 in Europe.

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