Special Offers Of Up To $80 on Foxwell Scanners in 2022

Looking for some savings on your favorite Foxwell Scanners? Shop our special offers to get you the most bang for your buck.

1. Foxwell GT60 ($80 Savings)

24 Reset Services: Equipped with the most popular 24 reset functions, the foxwell gt60 meets almost all your needs. Perform service and maintenance, including resetting the oil light, draining the brake fluid, opening and closing the brake pads, and setting the brakes after replacing the brake discs or pads, etc.

All Systems Diagnosis: The Foxwell GT60 will let you know the exact location of the fault after you have diagnosed all vehicle systems.

Advanced Enhanced Hardware: The 7-inch LCD touch screen and 4000AHM battery ensure the fastest diagnostic speed and the convenience of fast operation.

WiFi Update: Online one-click update, easy to update without complicated process.

2. Foxwell NT680 Pro ($60 Savings)

26 Reset Services Meet Most of Your Need: This diagnostic tool can help you solve most of the frequently occurring car problems, such as ABS bleeding, EPB reset, SAS reset, SRS reset, seat match, battery configuration, oil light reset, injector coding, gear learning and more.

In-depth Diagnosis of All Systems: The NT680 Pro OBD2 scanner allows you to locate your car's problems easily with an in-depth analysis of all vehicle systems, such as Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, TPMS, EPS, etc.

Lifetime Internet Free Update: Enjoy free lifetime upgrades to the latest software without subscription fees.

Widely Vehicle Coverage: NT680 Pro supports 100+ car brands and up to 10,000 car models.

3. Foxwell NT726 ($40 Savings)

8 HOT Maintenance Reset Services: NT726 OBD2 scanner is equipped with 8 most popular maintenance service functions, including ABS Bleeding, EPB Reset, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, Injector Coding,TPMS Reset,Throttle Relearn, D-P-F Regen. It is ideal for home mechanics, DIY car owners, and advanced enthusiasts.

One-Click WiFi Update: You can update on your scanner without additional devices, which will definitely save your time.

Lifetime Free Update: NT726 allows you to enjoy lifetime updates to the latest software, helping you save at least $200/year in subscription fees.

Advanced Hardware + Full System Diagnostics: Equipped with Android 9.0 operating system and a 5-inch touchable screen, the NT726 provides you with fast and accurate diagnostics of all available control modules.

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